Yasir Masood.jpeg


Producer, Director

I'm a New York based, Texas raised, and Pakistani born filmmaker creating work that explores migration, masculinity, and identity in Muslim-American communities.

My goal as an artist is to redefine the Muslim image in popular culture, to one that is nuanced, human, and more honest to our experience. I believe in a collaborative approach to filmmaking and I try to apply the working class mentality that I inherited to everything I do. My first film, The Last Hunt, premiered at the Austin Film Festival '17, Lahore Intl. Film Festival, won the Remi Award at Worldfest Intl. Film Festival, and picked up for distribution through Streampix.

I co-wrote and directed SHENJI458, a finalist in the original series competition at the Austin Film Festival '18, and am currently in post-production for two films, Markings and Aisha. I am currently a producer for We Stand United, a collective of progressive artists and activists co-founded by Mark Ruffalo, that creates content highlighting social issues in America.