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Director/Writer/VR Creator/Producer

Skye Von is a filmmaker based in NYC, but travels and works across the globe. She once shared a Jeep from Timbuktu to the Sahara with Henry Rollins.

Committed to write and visualize stories, which inspire inclusion and portray a more real picture of the outside world, Skye always casts with diversity in mind. She hopes her stories engage, educate, and delight, and uses both the page, the stage, the sliver screen, and the metaverse to do so.  

Skye has multiple feature and short length screenplays that have received admirable attention under her belt, and she has recently completed her first novel, Time's End, to be released. Currently she creates VR experiences for The Wall Street Journal. And she is slated to direct her first feature length film The Ghost, The Girl and The Texan, a Mexican-American Co-Production. She teaches directing and VR narrative at the New York Film Academy. She contributes to such publication as UploadVR and Hammer&Tusk on emerging trends in Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Skye was selected as the 2016’s IFP/Indiegogo Fellow at the NY Media Center and is a member of Association of Women Directors (AWD), New York Women in Film & Television (NYWIFT), Filmshop and Film Fatales.

Some of her commercial clients include Condé Nast, Glamour, MTV, Mozilla Firefox, LEGO, 7UP Ten, Olay, State Farm, Southwest Airlines, Ivory, Jamba Juice.