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Writer, Director, AD

Katie Jefferis is a screenwriter and director whose films portray authentic female experience. Not only does she create dynamic, believable characters for actresses to embody but she mobilizes women behind the camera — as cinematographers, producers, editors, sound designers, and crew members.

Katie is currently shopping three feature scripts: ‘Alice,’ a bio-pic of expressionist portrait painter Alice Neel; ‘Pancakes for One,’ about an uptight anthropologist who inherits a clown school; and ‘Mother of the World,’ about a woman who must fight to rescue her abducted son in a future matriarchal society.

Films she has worked on have screened at festivals in New York and abroad. Most recently her historical miniseries, ‘Black Mountain,’ was a finalist for the 2018 Sundance Episodic Lab. She holds a Bachelors in Performance Studies from Northwestern and a Masters in Filmmaking from Brooklyn College.