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Writer, Producer, Composer

Josh Shelton is a producer, writer, composer and (when necessary) a director. He is a natural collaborator and problem solver who believes in finding stories worth telling, whether they make you laugh or cry or simply wonder. His TV credits include “MTV’s Clickbait,” the half-hour comedy series, “Impress Me,” and “Highly Evolved Human,” a cancer-awareness comedy series for SoulPancake and Amazon Prime.

Additionally, he has produced multiple documentaries, including the ESPN 30 for 30 “David Ortiz: The Last Walk Off”, DirecTV’s “Religion Of Sports,” and a series of documentary shorts for Life is Good about finding optimism in the face of adversity. His 2008 short film, "My Name Is Lisa," was an official selection in the Cannes Film Festival short film corner and won 3rd prize at the Sundance Competition "Project: Direct." He is also always writing a new musical, so feel free to ask him about it.