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Director / Editor / Writer

Jason Hood is a filmmaker from Texas currently based in Brooklyn, New York. With experience in television, narrative film, documentary, and web series, Jason now specializes in directing, editing, and writing for web. He's inspired by brownstones in Brooklyn, self-aware cartoons, and surreal artifacts from the corners of the Internet. He spends his free time blogging loudly and drinking David Lynchian levels of coffee.



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What was the inspiration for your project?

This series was mainly inspired by a 6-month living situation I had with an acquaintance I had met twice before, who offered me a room in her one-bedroom apartment (she took the living room) at a time when we both kind of needed it. I was crashing on couches after getting forced out of my old apartment by scummy landlords, and she had quit her job to go freelance and embark on a new chapter of her life (that paid less). It was mutually beneficial, and we spent at least one night drinking wine and trading crazy backstories.

If you could do one thing differently, what would that be?

I wish that I had thought harder about how I was going to get the story out there, how to relate to audiences, and focused on building an audience from the outset. All those little daily things you need to do to build an audience are like pulling teeth for me, though if I'd started and held to it much sooner I'd be in a more comfortable place with it now.

How did the Filmshop community contribute to its development?

I've been workshopping “Pair of Normals” in some form with Filmshop since 2014; through Filmshop the series has really taken shape. Also all three producers and many crew members are members of Filmshop. “Pair of Normals” would not be a thing without the Filmshop community.

What's next?

I really want to make a full season of "Pair of Normals" a reality. I'm still at a loss for how it will be funded, but that is my goal. This—Breakthrough—is one of the best opportunities we've had so far.

What keeps you up at night?

I'm kept up by the fear that “Pair of Normals” won't turn into anything beyond a one-off pilot. I've gotten way too attached to it to fail now.