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Documentary Director, Founder of Leave It Better

What can we collectively do to heal our environment, to leave our communities better for those who follow? What will our legacy be? 

These questions are central to the work we do at Leave It Better-questions we grapple with in every project we're a part of.

In our first documentary, "American Meat", we take a pragmatic look at our meat industry. Beginning with a history of our current industrial system, the feedlots and confinement operations are unveiled, not through hidden cameras, but through the eyes of the farmers who live and work there. From there, the story shifts to Polyface Farms, where the Salatin family has developed an alternative agricultural model based on rotational grazing and local distribution. Nationwide, a local-food movement of farmers, chefs, and everyday people has taken root… But could it ever feed us all?

In our second documentary, Farmers For America we tackle the biggest challenge facing American agriculture today- that the average age of the US farmer is 60 years old. The documentary traces the extraordinary changes coming to America’s food system as more and more consumers flock to farmers’ markets, embrace farm-to-table lifestyles and insist on knowing where their food is coming from. At the center of the film are the farmers, young and old, who provide the spirit and energy to bring urban and rural America together over what both share in common: our food. These farmers reflect nothing less than the face of America.

Meriwether is currently directing his third feature- Who Will Feed Us? that tackles the global challenges of feeding a growing population. The documentary is in production with a slated release of Fall 2021.

Meriwether is the founder and director of Leave It Better Foundation, which dedicates its work to healing. He is also a proud co-founder of the Filmshop.