Everette S. Hamlette


Everette S. Hamlette is a videographer, editor, producer, and award winning writer residing in the South Bronx. His work focuses mainly on the day to day lives of you average Bronxite.

He is currently producing a documentary called "75 Park: 1 of the 35" with Leave It Better Media. The film stars Everette. Discovering his local neighborhood park- 75 Park- is being reconstructed; curious as to why all of his childhood memories are being altered; he decides to do his own research on the New York City Parks Department.

He was an editor and videographer at Bronxnet Television for about 2 years after graduating from SUNY Albany with a Journalism degree.

Check out his website to follow his work and learn more about his projects.

WEBSITE: Stylish Ev Productions
SOCIAL MEDIA: Instagram/Facebook/Twitter (coming soon)