Eevin Hartsough 1.jpg


Writer, Producer, Performer

Eevin is an emerging screenwriter who tells stories that use fanciful and sometimes magical elements to probe and illuminate the human condition. She was a member of the New York Neo-Futurists, where she wrote and performed a lot of short plays and a few longer ones, winning a New York Innovative Theater Award for her play, (Not )Just A Day. 

Building on the success of her first fully-realized screenwriting (and producing) project, the award-winning Web series Gemma & The Bear!, she is now devoting herself fully to writing for TV and Film.  She is currently developing original TV projects and writing her first feature-length film script.  

Before turning to writing, Eevin was a child actor hawking soup and Hallmark cards, in addition to playing Helen Keller at The Roundabout and freaking out in the pilot episode of Tales From The Dark Side.  

Eevin was proud to serve as a judge for the Brooklyn Women’s Film Festival in its inaugural year.