Co-Leader Manhattan

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Craig T. Williams


Craig writes, edits, produces and has been doing so for over 15 years with his lovely wife and partner Roz. Craig (and this is him talking) is a passionate storyteller. He brings this fiery love for all things story to his duties as co-Leader of the Manhattan Filmshop Chapter.  He LOVES Filmshop (and this is him still talking) he loves the support, he loves the camaraderie, he loves the professionalism. Most of all he loves feeding his chapter members Oreo cookies every week. And sometimes, when they're really good, Mallomars.

Craig is the writer/producer of numerous award-winning short films, including Allergic To Nuts and Drawing Angel. Craig’s feature screenplay “Hanging By A Thread” was a finalist in the 2018 Sundance Screenwriters Lab. His TV pilot “Unfocused” was a finalist in the 2017 WGA sponsored Made In New York Fellowship.

“Title VII” is a feature screenplay he co-wrote with writer/director Nicole Franklin. “Title VII” explores same race discrimination at an IT firm. It premiered March 2017 at the Hollywood Black Film Festival and was a finalist for HBO Best Feature Film at the Martha's Vineyard African American Film Festival.

Craig is husband to a beautiful actress/director and content creator, Rosalyn Coleman Williams, father of a joyfully irreverent 13 year old boy. 

Craig is in active pre-production for Hanging By A Thread, a feature film he wrote and will produce.



WEBSITE: Red Wall Productions