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I was born in the country, which hasn’t existed for the last 28 years. Soviet Union broke down when I was a child of 8 years old and my generation was the first, growing up in the new Russia, which just started raising up an iron curtain and opening slightly to the world.

I grew up in a little town of Kislovodsk in the Nothern Caucasus, which is on the southern edge of Russia, on the border with Caucasus Republics. Even though my town used to be a popular resort destination thanks to it’s location in the mountains and natural mineral springs, as a teenager I felt trapped there, partially because of regional culture, which was based on old-fashioned national traditions of local peoples. I always wanted my future profession to be connected with travelling, creativity and communication. After graduation from high school I entered Journalist department of the University in Rostov-on-Don (southern capital of Russia).

And after completing my Bachelor’s degree moved to Moscow where pursued my career on national TV, first, in news, then in documentary filmmaking. Before moving to the States for a family reasons I worked as correspondent, writer-director at RTD (Russia Today Documentary), international TV channel based in Moscow, Russia, which belongs to the family of RT news channels broadcasting in English, Spanish, Arabic, French all over the world.

I was accepted into the crew, first, as a correspondent and author, but later was promoted to a director. That gave me an opportunity to travel the world and to make my own films from conception to postproduction -- participating in pitching ideas, producing, interviewing, directing, filming, script writing and editing. For almost 6 years as an author and director, I accomplished approximately 30 documentaries, which explore social, environmental, multicultural issues in a variety of countries. I feel passionate about storytelling, which can have social influence and help people to feel more empathy to each other.

I hope to find a team of like-minded people in film to create video production company or to join one already existing to be able to work on projects of different genres and topics.